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Copperstone University

Registration and Accreditation

Copperstone University is a 100% owned Zambian institution with linkages

within and outside the country.

• Ministry of Education: Copperstone is registered by the Ministry of

Education under the 1999 University Act and is offering degree

programmes at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

• TEVETA: Copperstone is registered by Teveta and is offering

programmes at certificate and diploma levels.

• ABMA (UK):Various programmes at certificate, diploma and advanced

diploma levels are being offered.

• CIPS (UK): Copperstone is a CIPS-approved training centre.

· IMIS (UK):Copperstone is an IMIS-approved training centre.

· CILT (UK):Copperstone is a CILT –approved training centre.

· BINARY UNIVERSITY OF MALAYSIA: Copperstone is running a twining program with Binary University of Malaysia.

· ACCA:Copperstone is an ACCA approved training centre.

· ZICA:Copperstone is a ZICA approved training centre.

· University of Africa: Copperstone has signed a collaborative MOU with University of Africa.

· A member of the Zambia Private Universities Association

· A member of the Association of African Universities.

· A member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.


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